HPHS Believes That A Happy Pet Is A Healthy Pet, That Can Bring Joy And Love For Years To Come.

We are the advocate and voice for those who cannot speak, we are the face of hope as we work with community and other organizations to constantly strive to create new ideas and goals to increase lifesaving, creating a new culture of compassion, to bring about change, vision, and a safe, pet loving community.

How we earn your trust

We offer so many services and help to those who need it for the continued love and care of pets in the High Plains area.

Welfare Partnerships

Every penny donated makes our rescue mission possible and brings our dreams closer.

Veterinary Services

The future of hundreds of animals can be better planned with a steady income.

Policy & Response

As a relatively young charity, we need to build on our financial reserves for long-term projects.


Animals will continue to suffer in silence, unless you speak up for them.

Operations & Strategy

One of the best ways to understand the stray problem in Romania, what we do and why.


Give voice to countless voiceless friends that have nobody else to rely on.

Our Vision

The High Plains Humane Society’s Mission is to advocate for programs that will increase lifesaving, full transparency, and engagement with the community, and become a no-kill shelter of 90% by 2025.

HPHS Board Members

Linda Cross – HPHS President

A graduate of ENMU, Linda has a BSN in nursing, and Legal Nurse Consultant, certification and graduate courses through the University of NM, and WTA&M. Linda Chairs the Clovis Animal Control Task Force and is a Graduate of The Executive Leadership Certification by Best Friends Animal Society, through SUU. With almost 3 decades of experience Linda has been involved with and created many animals care programs for her community, including a low cost spay and neuter program for low-income families including, microchips, vaccinations and well checks. Linda is also certified in microchipping and participates in our microchip clinics. Linda was instrumental in getting the gas chamber removed from all shelters in the state of New Mexico and implementing the lethal injection method as a humane form of euthanasia for animals who are suffering. Linda has several of her own personal pampered rescued pets, ranging in size from a Chihuahua to a Great Pyrenees.

Gaye Cooke – HPHS Vice President

As a Realtor in Clovis for the past 23 years, and volunteering with several organizations, she knows the pulse of the community. Gaye has a background in business and bookkeeping, serves on the Clovis Animal Task Force and is a graduate of the Executive Leadership Certification from Best Friends Animal Society through SUU. Enjoying photography, for the past 9 years she has taken beautiful pictures of all the animals at our local shelter and posts them on our Facebook page. Gaye is also our website and media person, oversees day-to-day questions and comments on Facebook and email, works with rescues, and has phone duty most of the time, as well as helping coordinate volunteers. She has a close working relationship with the shelter staff and is always available to meet their needs and give support. Born and raised in England, she has a deep-seated love of animals from a child and has three pampered dogs of her own.

Ernie Koss – HPHS Executive Director

.Ernie is the Executive Director of the Clovis/Curry County Chamber of Commerce, serving in this capacity for over 25 years. In addition to her chamber work Ernie is very active in the community, serving on numerous boards and committees both locally and statewide. She loves the local community, and her numerous family and friends. She is always the smiling, fun, welcoming face at any event, and with her wealth of knowledge works tirelessly to promote Clovis to make sure her community has every available resource. Along with our past CEO and friend Chase Gentry, who passed from COVID in 2021, they worked closely together for 20 years, and started the High Plains Development Corporation, with High Plains Humane Society originally under that umbrella 501c3, before branching out under our own 501c3.

Ellen Saccoia – HPHS Treasurer

Dr. Ellen Saccoia works as a Social Worker, and counselor for Family Readiness at Cannon Air Force Base. Ellen has three master’s degrees, with a Doctor of Social Work focused on Clinical Social Work from Walden University. She is an Experienced Social Worker with a demonstrated history of working in the Military sector. Skilled in Crisis Intervention, Behavioral Health, Family Services, Case Management, and Social Work, she is a strong community and social services professional. Ellen is also the person behind making our beautiful pet quilts. Ellen is the calming voice of reason in any situation and loves animals, with four thoroughly pampered rescued Labradors of her own. She works tirelessly for the military members she serves, the community and the animals.

Gayla Brumfield – Director

Gayla Brumfield was the first woman Mayor of Clovis, New Mexico, has a bachelor’s degree in business, and is our business advisor. She has served on numerous city and state boards and committees. Gayla has over 3 decades of experience in real estate, as Qualifying Broker of real estate and property management businesses and serves as a business consultant. Gayla was Mayor at the time the animal control task force was initiated and supported all the necessary animal programs. She was instrumental in assisting with changing euthanasia from gas to injection in NM. As Mayor Gayla founded the first city dog park in Clovis. Gayla is devoted to her family and friends and has her own beloved tiny canine family member.

Helen Casaus – Director

Helen is a retired nurse, a current Clovis City Commissioner, and has spent over 3 decades serving the Clovis community. Helen is instrumental in helping to pass city ordinances for the welfare and protection of the Clovis community, and animals, and supports positive animal programs. Helen serves on the Animal Control Task Force, has experience in serving on numerous boards and committees, working with the community, businesses, and the city. She volunteers her time tirelessly for the betterment of the whole community, for numerous organizations including the Chamber of Commerce, United Way, HPHS, CASA Board Member, Kawanis Foundation, Salvation Army, Clovis Main Street, and numerous others.

Michelle Mednik – Director

Michelle is experienced in transport and rescue, retired from the USAF from Hazardous Materials, she has four college degrees, AA in Communications Journalism, BA Communications Television Production, CCAF Logistics, and BAS Environmental Science. For over 5 years she has been instrumental in helping rescues, volunteering to use her van to transport animals to vet clinics for spay/neuter, injuries, and to no-kill shelters and rescue organizations. Michelle actively participates in taking pictures of the Clovis shelter pets, shares them to our social media, and does videos at both area shelters to assist rescues to facilitate transfer and transport. She recently completed a photography class specifically to improve her animal pictures. Michelle also has a good relationship with our local shelters and assists wherever she is able. Her favorite thing is seeing the difference between the pet’s often sad shelter pictures and their pictures of pure joy in their new homes.

Laura Bailey – Director

Our graphic designer Laura Bailey holds an Associate Degree in Graphic Art and has spent many years teaching Art classes to local elementary students. She designs beautiful graphics for our tee shirts, merchandise, signs, and to support our organization. If you have participated in our martini glass drawings, Laura was the gifted artist who hand painted all the delightful and unique designs on the martini glasses. Laura is certified in microchipping, helps with our microchip, and vaccination clinics, and takes the minutes for our board meetings.

Dr David Hudson – Veterinary Advisor

Dr. David Hudson is our veterinary advisor. He has served on our board for over 2 decades and provides expertise and advise for many of our programs and day to day operations. David also serves as the veterinary representative on the Clovis Animal Control Task Force, giving a veterinary perspective on animal related issues in order to assist with passing ordinances that align with humane animal practices. Dr Hudson retired from his veterinary practice at All Pets Animal Hospital in 2020, he currently operates the Sierra Pet Hotel and Spa, a premiere boarding facility for local pets, providing a home away from home, boarding, grooming and daycare.